Shot on 35mm Agfa stock, DoP Giles Nuttgens and Creative Beverly Fortnum.

Filming on Mount Snowdon was always going to be risky, not dangerous but just unpredictable. Making a cinema commercial for God might have helped pull in some favours on the day, I don’t know… but the sun came out! August Jakobsson DoP, Edited by Joe McNally, Produced by Shaun Nickless at The Mob.

The Chrysler Crossfire was my car of the moment, so I was pleased to have a chance to use one for this advert. Staffordshire University needed something with attitude to improve their image. Midlands Agency Connect asked me to pitch my ideas based on several ‘thought provoking’ questions. Produced by The Mob and Shelley Gilbert Productions.

This is a old favourite of mine… maybe because it was the first advert I directed… maybe because its just a lot of fun to make… We covered London, Newcastle and Brighton finding different types of people who wanted to say ‘Thank You”. Produced and edited at Tele-An Productions.