Clip based

Sky One Christmas 2017

Celebrating Christmas this year on Sky One. 40sec trailer featuring a handful of shows coming during the holiday season.

C4 F1 Season Finale 2016

After a nail biting season, it comes down to the wire. Finale of the 2016 F1 season in Abu Dhabi. Music by JayZ

Discovery Channel 6 Degrees of Murder 30sec

30sec trailer to promote 6 Degrees of Murder, working with the motifs of criminal investigation to make a trailer that becomes a process of realisation in itself.

ITV Sport Cheltenham “Jump On It” 60sec

60sec trailer made for ITV Sport to promote their coverage of the Cheltenham November Meeting 2017. Music by Rihanna “Jump On It” mixed by Soren at ITV and graded by Lucy at ITV.

Film4 Gladiator 40sec

Film4 trailer for Ridley Scott’s oscar winning Gladiator starring Russell Crowe. With thanks to Robbie Williams “Let Me Entertain You”.

Film4 This Week at 9

This week, your films at 9 on Film4. Graphics by John Cryer at Platform Post, Music by Max Mezzowave, VO ELizabeth Conboy

Homeland Series 3 Episode 3

Spoiler Alert – this is season 3. Carrie & Brody continue their epic struggle to do the right thing. Music “Help, I’m Alive” by Metrics.

Film4 Season: Heroines

40sec. Film4 presents the season: Heroines, timed with the release of Kevin MacDonald’s “How I Live Now” starring Saiorse Ronan. A selection of films featuring commanding female performances. Graphics & Online by John Cryer at Platform Music by M

Film4 Summer Screen Somerset House 2013

Film4 trailer 40sec Summer Screen at Somerset House 2013. This 40 sec trailer was created to promote this year’s cinema under the stars. Graphics and Smoke by John Cryer at Platform Post, Audio by Ian Chattam at Platform Post.

C4 Dispatches: The Blunkett Tapes

40 sec. This was one of the first trailers I made for Channel4, using a combination of staged scenes, archive and close-ups. I particularly like the combination of grades and grains and the mix of SFX, archive and Blunkett sound bites.

More4 Encounters At The End Of The World

60 sec. True Stories presents “encounters at the end of the world”. I made this trailer for Werner Herzog’s critically acclaimed film. Shown on More4.

Film4 Films at 9

40 secs. Promoting the films at 9 slot, featuring Predators, The Waterboy, Muriel’s Wedding and The Brave One. Post by PlatformTV, music by Max Mezzowave

C4 Cutting Edge: Killer Road

40 secs. Tacoma by Leonard Cohen is a sad song. When I was asked to make the trailer about a program featuring the most deadly piece of road in Britain, the A46 in the Midlands, it was the obvious choice. Honestly, I am undecided if making a sad, emotionally heavy trailer is a good way […]

More4 Erasing David

TRUE STORIES – ERASING DAVID: More4. To promote feature length documentary about David Bond as he attempts to disappear. Post production by John Cryer at PlatformTV, music by Max Mezzowave.

C4 Sweeny Todd, The Demon Of Fleet Street

SWEENY TODD – THE DEMON OF FLEET STREET: 40 second trailer. I wanted to capture the darkness of the movie and still show off Tim Burton’s enthralling imagination. The trailer had to be shown on Channel4 at all hours, so no blood letting or splats allowed!

C4 Wild Things

WILD THINGS: Nature, like you’ve never seen it before. A 40 sec C4 trailer to promote a brand new series about wild life in Britain.

Film4 Ben Wheatley Evening

FILM4 – AN EVENING WITH BEN WHEATLEY: 30 second trailer. Showcasing an exclusive preview of his new film Sighseers along with his favourite horrific film Don’t Look Now. Graphics by Jon at Luckycat Post and mixed by Craig who’s also at Luckycat Post.