RSPCA goes Google

1 min 40 sec. The Distillery ask me to direct a “Google story” about how the RSPCA has gone Google. Produced by Alexia Merrington, DOP Lynda Hall, Online & Mix Lucky Cat Post, Music West One

Kano has gone Google

90 sec film. After the success of Astley Clarke’s Google Story, Across The Pond asked me to write & direct this customer story about KANO for the same client – Google Apps for Work. Creative Directive at ATP Mara Vidal, Producer at ATP Louise Edwards; DOP Lynda Hall; Editor at ATP Will Brown; Online at Lucky […]

Astley Clarke has gone Google

Across The Pond asked me to write & direct a “Customer Story” about Astley Clarke for their client Google Apps for Work. Producer at ATP Louise Edwards; DOP Lynda Hall; Editor at ATP Will Brown; Online at Lucky Cat Jonathan Meyers; Audio Mix at Lucky Cat Craig Budd, Music Composed by Max Mezzowave.

Rich Media Artiste Marius Veltman

A portrait of Marius Veltman, a Dutch Rich Media Artiste. Across The Pond (ATP) asked me to direct this 150sec film to promote the new app Google Web Designer. Producer at ATP Deborah Znaty, Creative Director at ATP Mara Vidal, DOP Lynda Hall, Editor Will Brown, Music composed by Max Mezzowave, Compositing, Animations and GFX […]

Star Chart for Google

2 minute documentary. Across The Pond (ATP) asked me to direct a short documentary film for Google about the founders of Star Chart, Sam & Chris. Creative Director at ATP Maggi Machado; Producer at ATP Jamie Davis; DOP Lynda Hall; Editor at Platform Will Peverett; Online & GFX at Platform John Cryer; Audio Mix at […]

Kaspersky Internet Protection

“Important Things” Child Protection Internet Security from Kaspersky. Youtube adverts created for Kaspersky’s Multi-device Internet Security Software. DOP: Lynda Hall Audio: Dino Sofos Post:John Cryer at Platform Post TV. Produced by Shaun Nickless at Beast Productions. Agency Media Therapy. Creatives Lisa Henwood & Richard Cottle. Creative Director Howard Fretton.

Kaspersky Internet Security Corporate Film

Online and GFX by Big Bouy. Audio by Dino Sofos. DOP Lynda Hall. Directed & Edited by Dahlan Lassalle. Produced by Shaun Nickless at Beast. Agency Media Therapy. Creative Director Howard Fretton. Creative Team Lisa Henwood & Richard Cottle. Voice Over Elizabeth Conboy.

Active Research

Market Research company Active Research requested a fun, quirky and watchable film to show how effective their method on online research was and how it worked. Working with animators monkeehub, I wrote & directed this entertaining animated corporate film.

Montenegro by Air

Filmed over two days on board a military helicopter, this 3 minute film reveals the extraordinary beauty of Montenegro. This is my directorial helicopter debut! Flying over this country was an unforgettable experience. RED camera with a gyro-assist mount. Music by Dino Sofos.

Bowie’s Changes by Lewes New School

“Changes” by Bowie, re-recorded by Lewes New School. This music video was made to promote New School Thinking. Filmed during rehearsals, in the recording studio and on location, I had 15 hours material showing 65 children singing and playing their instruments. Using Final Cut, I created picture-in-picture windows to reflect the multi-layered nature of the […]