Self Doubt (5 mins)
24 Hour Film Challenge. Shot on MiniDV. Starring Daniel D’Allesandro

Fake Wife Swap (5 mins)
24 Hour Film Challenge . Shot on DVCam. Starring Eva Pope
Raindance Award Winner. Aired on SKY, over 3 million hits on YouTube

Missing Person (10 mins)
Shot on 3 MiniDV cameras. Experimental mixed narrative.

Walkabout (4 mins)
Shot on 2 MiniDV camera. Experimental circular story-telling. Starring Helen Heslip & Lucas Amadson

Seen From The Present (7 mins)
Shot on B&W 16mm. Starring Laurence Lassalle
Screened at Berlin, Cine Jove and Brest.

Trying To Connect You (15 mins)
Graduation film from London Int’l Film School. Shot on colour 16mm.
Shown at Berlin, Best Short Film Cine Jove ’92, Brest. Starring with Mark Arden

Life Between Death (10 mins)
35mm B&W studio shoot

Postcard (3 mins)
16mm Colour

Short Shoe Story (3 mins)
Super 8 B&W